Predictive Insights for Smart Cities

A safer way forward


WayCare's deep learning technologies provide municipalities with forward looking and actionable insights

Crashes Prediction

WayCare's proprietary, machine learning platform predicts traffic crashes and related congestion before they occur

Decision Support System

With an integrated decision support solution, authorities are able to select the optimal preventative course of action

SaaS Based Solution

WayCare's solution is SaaS based, enabling every city to become a smart city independent of infrastructural investment

Our Team

A team of hard working, enthusiastic professionals helping cities take control of their roads


Noam Maital, CEO

Noam brings years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on large scale strategy projects. Noam holds a BSc in economics from Babson College and served in a special forces unit at the Israeli Defence Force.


Idan Hahn, CTO

Idan has over 10 years of experience with global tech companies, including Intel and Amazon. Idan holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the Technion and is the lead technologist of the company.


Shai Suzan, COO

Shai led international R&D activities at Zoran, CSR & Qualcomm managing automotive semiconductors projects. Shai hold a BSC in electrical engineering from the Technion and is responsible for product development and operations.

WayCare is transforming the mobility EcoSystem

Some of our journey.

Harnessing Deep Learning for safer roads

Artificial Neural Networks and Deep learning algorithms for smart cities


Artificial Neural Networks

WayCare's solution uses advanced Recurrent Neural Network & Genetic Algorithms to quickly and efficiently uncover complex multi-dimensional patterns that lead to a dangerous road environment


Deep Learning & Advance Heuristic Algorithms

WayCare identifies root causes for traffic crashes out of countless different variables and monitors the effectiveness of selected preventative courses of action


Cost effective SaaS platform to predict and prevent traffic crashes

01. Crashes Prediction

Predict traffic crashes and related congestion before they occur. WayCare's platform predicts over 70% of traffic crashes two hours before they occur.

02. Crash Forecast

Alert of dangerous roads that are forming up to 24 hour ahead of time.

03. Decision Support KPIs

Monitor effectiveness of selected preventative course of action - recommend new techniques (and technologies) for further reduction in traffic crashes and related fatalities.

04. Data Integration

WayCare integrates data from vehicles and city operations including traffic management center, police, EMT, fire department and more, providing cities with an unprecedented level of real-time data.

05. Unique SaaS Solution

WayCare’s SaaS business model allows municipalities to become smart cities without requiring costly infrastructural investment.

06. Cost-Effective

Reduce traffic fatalities and related congestion saving the city millions of dollars related to police enforcement, E-M services, municipal insurance expenses and lost productivity

Let's make your city safer

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